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Gift shop

The secrets of chocolate lovers

Give in to temptation at the Secrets of Chocolate gift shop

Located in the heart of Geispolsheim, next to the chocolate museum, is a lost paradise for lovers of the inimitable delicacy that is chocolate. It is in Alsace, more precisely in the Bas-Rhin, close to the city of Strasbourg that these delicious chocolates are made. The result of 150 years of history, tradition and original recipes made to the high standards of the Schaal chocolatiers.


As part of your family day out at the Strasbourg Chocolate Museum, our gift shop offers you the opportunity to continue your voyage of discovery with its array of delicious sweet treats in all flavours: moulds, bars, chocolate sweets, boxes, couverture chocolate, chocolate spreads, bulk formats (chocolate-covered hazelnuts, chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate birds’ eggs etc.) and a whole host of products just waiting to take your tastebuds on a voyage of chocolate-filled discovery.


Available for delivery throughout France and via Click & Collect.



Packaging-free chocolate arrives in Strasbourg!

Sometimes the best things in life are also the simplest, the Secrets of Chocolate gift shop knows how to please its customers and in February 2021 introduced a wide range of packaging-free chocolate to encourage more socially responsible consumption! The packaging options provided are all recyclable and eco-designed but we encourage customers to bring their own containers to benefit from a 5% reduction! How could you resist?

Available in small or large quantities, with our packaging-free options, the choice is yours. You can give in to temptation and take just the amount you need and even mix different products! No need to choose between 150g of chocolate-covered almonds and 150g of chocolate-covered hazelnuts - you can have both!

The same applies when making delicious desserts, our chocolate disc wafers are also available packaging free. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even blond chocolate, choose the quantity you want for your chocolate-based recipes. 200 grams, 500 grams or 1 kg? It’s up to you!

Our packaging-free chocolate is only available at the bricks-and-mortar gift shop in Geispolsheim, near Strasbourg in Alsace.

Open the gates of temptation… for your eyes and tastebuds!

Melted, in bars, moulded or in a spread, chocolate is worked in all its forms in our chocolate factory in Alsace. From the most conventional to the most original our products will satisfy all chocolate fans. 

And while you’re waiting to visit the incredible Strasbourg Chocolate Museum, take a look at our online store! Discover our famous homemade chocolate spreads made from Schaal couverture chocolate and hazelnut praline from the South West of France. Our homemade chocolate spreads are available in 3 varieties: milk chocolate, dark chocolate or blond chocolate. Let yourself be tempted by our palm oil-free chocolate spreads. The only difficulty is deciding which one to choose!

Innovation is the watchword for our store. Every year the creativity of our Bas-Rhin-based chocolatiers is showcased with moulded chocolate creations combining ever more innovative flavours and aesthetics. From a chocolate stiletto to a chocolate controller for fans of video games, via the traditional Alsace stork and even origami cats and dogs for animal lovers.

Looking for the perfect gift for friends, family or work colleagues? For Easter, Christmas or a special occasion? Choose our gift boxes. Surprise chocolate lovers of all ages, by gifting them personalised chocolates in unique shapes, textures, and flavours adapted to any occasion, all year round. 


The online store

Available for delivery throughout France or for Click & Collect from our online store.

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