Following government announcements, tasting in the Museum is temporarily suspended. The health pass remains in force from 12 years old (test <24h). Wearing a mask is compulsory from 6 years old during the workshops.

The visit course

Visiting the museum - the new visitor experience

Secrets of production

Destination: the Chocolate Museum

You are invited on a voyage of discovery through the Schaal Chocolate factory, past and present, tracing the route of the cocoa bean from the Equator all the way to Alsace.  Plunge into the heart of our cocoa and hazelnut plantations, discover all the secrets of our chocolate production, share the passion and expertise of our master chocolatiers, taste our chocolate sweets, traditional pralines, sugar-coated delights, moulded chocolate… A unique experience for all your senses.

Looking for a fun family activity in Strasbourg? You've come to the right place! The Chocolate Museum is an original venue for an outing in Alsace. A day out with the family, with your children, with friends… All aboard for a gourmet journey to Strasbourg. 

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A new visitor experience awaits you !

You will uncover all the secrets of our chocolate production...

Destination: “plantations in Ecuador”

At Schaal, we are proud to produce our chocolate using cocoa beans grown on our own plantations. It is in Guayaquil, in Ecuador, the birthplace of cocoa production, that we chose to establish our plantation of cocoa trees.

Destination: “hazelnuts in Guyenne”

Our hazelnut tree nurseries and plantations, from which we harvest the hazelnuts used to make our delicious praline, are located in Guyenne, in the south-west of France.

Destination: “the chocolate factory in Geispolsheim”

Did you know that our production workshops are located right here, just a stone’s throw away from the gift shop and museum? Every day our team of enthusiasts develops new products to the same high standards as for the last 150 years.

Secrets of moulded chocolates

Hollow moulding allows our chocolatiers to let their imagination run wild, creating chocolates in poetic, fun, and surprising shapes. All aboard the train!

Secrets of sugar-coated delicacies

Our sugar-coated sweets have a smooth and shiny outer shell with a soft or crunchy centre. Apparently, the turbine looks like a huge bicycle wheel…

Secrets of ganache

A ganache is the creamy, melting centre hidden away under the crisp chocolate outer shell of our chocolates. There is no limit to the possible flavours… but can you identify the flavours hidden in our chocolates? All aboard the hot-air balloon to find out!

Secrets of praline

When praline paste is mixed with almonds or hazelnuts and sugar, it resembles a small planet. Ready for take-off?!

The flavours workshop

Chocolate tasting is not simply a question of taste. It calls on all five senses. Are yours up to the task?


Schaal is first and foremost a family affair, that of the Burrus Family: 150 years of history and four generations which each in turn has passed on their love of chocolate. Discover the fascinating story of this family enamoured with Alsace and gastronomy.

Complete your visit with a chocolate-making workshop

Now you know all the secrets involved in making chocolates. It’s time to put them into practice and slip into the shoes of an expert chocolatier!

Aliénor & Amélie, our expert chocolatiers, run workshops to pass on their techniques. A little creativity, concentration and precision will turn you into a genuine apprentice chocolatier!

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A gourmet break in the gift shop

How about a gourmet break after your visit? Give in to the temptations of the gift shop where a whole array of chocolate delicacies awaits you! Find a selection of chocolate products available from our online store: moulded chocolates, bars and boxes of chocolates, chocolate sweets, couverture chocolate, bulk formats (hazelnut, chocolate almonds, praline birds eggs etc.), homemade chocolate spreads and even local specialities.

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Take a break in our restaurant

As part of your visit to the museum or for a fun family lunch, stop off for a break in our restaurant near to Strasbourg in Alsace! A friendly, family atmosphere awaits you. Give in to the temptation of the afternoon dessert buffet, sure to delight your children!

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