Reservations are required for visits to the museum, workshops and restaurant during the school holidays.

As the establishment is air-conditioned, we advise you to bring something to cover up with during your visit.

The visit course

Visiting the museum - the new visitor experience

Secrets of production

Destination: the Chocolate Museum

You are invited on a voyage of discovery through the Schaal Chocolate factory, past and present, tracing the route of the cocoa bean from the Equator all the way to Alsace.  Plunge into the heart of our cocoa and hazelnut plantations, discover all the secrets of our chocolate production, share the passion and expertise of our master chocolatiers, taste our chocolate sweets, traditional pralines, sugar-coated delights, moulded chocolate… A unique experience for all your senses.

Looking for a fun family activity in Strasbourg? You've come to the right place! The Chocolate Museum is an original venue for an outing in Alsace. A day out with the family, with your children, with friends… All aboard for a gourmet journey to Strasbourg. 

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Boarding for Ecuador and the Lot-et-Garonne

At Schaal, we are proud to produce our chocolates from beans from our own plantation. It is near Guyaquil in Ecuador, the cradle of cocoa cultivation, that we have chosen to establish our cocoa plantation. The beans that grow there are known for their intense and floral taste. After several stages, the cocoa liquor is sent to our workshop in Strasbourg to be transformed into chocolate. We are committed to sustainable development, both in human and environmental terms, which is why our plantations are UTZ certified. 

We are not only producers of cocoa, we also grow our own hazelnuts. Their delicate taste is a perfect match for the infinite flavours of our chocolates. Our hazelnut nurseries are located in Guyenne, in the southwest of France.

Discover all the stages, from planting to harvesting of our two raw materials!

Destination Schaal: immersion in our production facilities

Did you know that our production facilities are located right here in the Chocolate Museum? Every day, a team of enthusiasts work on our products with the same high standards that have been in place for 150 years.

We have kept the best of the traditional methods for our production:

  • Copper cauldron for the praline,
  • Copper turbine for the sugar-coated sweets,
  • Granite mixer for the production of ganaches,

while equipping ourselves with very modern and efficient tools to ensure top quality. We also maintain our manual skills: all our chocolates are decorated entirely by hand.

An immersion in our production workshops, as if you were there (in order to guarantee the confidentiality of our customers, the workshops cannot be visited), where almost all our secrets are revealed to you!

Travel to the heart of our know-how...

Secrets of moulding and sugar-coated delicacies

Hollow moulding allows our chocolatiers to let their imagination run wild, to obtain chocolates with poetic, playful and surprising shapes. After filling the mould with liquid chocolate, it is tapped to remove air bubbles: this is one of the chocolate techniques that requires dexterity to obtain a flawless mould. 

Sugar coated chocolates are smooth, shiny treats with a soft or crunchy centre: this can be a candied orange, a grape, a cereal or a dried fruit. Did you know that it takes an experienced chocolatier several years to master all the sugar-coating techniques? A skill we are proud of at Schaal.

Secrets of ganache and praline

The ganache is the creamy, melting heart that lies beneath the crunchy shell of our chocolates. It is an essential part of our production! It is a clever mixture of several ingredients, poured into a granite mixer, which gives an inimitable texture to our ganaches. The creativity of our chocolatiers is limitless in the flavours: fruits, spices, liqueurs...which one will be your favourite?

The praline, made from hazelnuts harvested in our nurseries in Guyenne, is one of Schaal's specialities. It is made the old-fashioned way, in large copper cauldrons and slowly roasted. Discover this traditional know-how that is a delight for young and old alike!

Stopover in the workshop of flavours: awaken your 5 senses!

Tasting chocolate is not just a matter of taste. It involves all five senses. And as our olfactory system is directly connected to our brain, it brings us a lot of pleasure and emotions. The golden rule: take your time and enjoy the sensations. We invite you to a tasting in five tasty steps... where taste is the last step!

The plus: a small ballotin is given to you at the beginning of your can fill it with your two favourite chocolates.

Photo credit: @cedriclenomade

A chocolate factory in the heart of the museum

Last stop before the end of the line, in the chocolate factory, located in the heart of the museum, where you are invited to immerse yourself. Aliénor and Amélie, two passionate chocolate makers, work there every day. From Schaal chocolate, this imaginative and daring female duo creates surprising mouldings and delicious spreads. They share their secrets and their passion for chocolate with you!

Travel diary

A passion that has been passed down from generation to generation

Finally, this journey ends with the discovery of the history of the Burrus family. For this family with a big heart, in love with Alsace and gastronomy, sharing its 150 years of history with you is essential. This is why this immersion in the heart of Schaal's know-how is accompanied by a review of the key dates in the family's history and a presentation of its strong values.

Complete your visit with a chocolate-making workshop

Now you know all the secrets involved in making chocolates. It’s time to put them into practice and slip into the shoes of an expert chocolatier!

Aliénor & Amélie, our expert chocolatiers, run workshops to pass on their techniques. A little creativity, concentration and precision will turn you into a genuine apprentice chocolatier!

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A gourmet break in the gift shop

How about a gourmet break after your visit? Give in to the temptations of the gift shop where a whole array of chocolate delicacies awaits you! Find a selection of chocolate products available from our online store: moulded chocolates, bars and boxes of chocolates, chocolate sweets, couverture chocolate, bulk formats (hazelnut, chocolate almonds, praline birds eggs etc.), homemade chocolate spreads and even local specialities.

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Take a break in our restaurant

As part of your visit to the museum or for a fun family lunch, stop off for a break in our catering area near to Strasbourg in Alsace! A friendly, family atmosphere awaits you. Give in to the temptation of the afternoon dessert buffet, sure to delight your children!

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