Tea Room

Find the Museum's same warm atmosphere and chocolate fragrance in the Tea Room and enjoy a moment of sweet relaxation.

Take the menu and let it take you where you sweet desires lead you. Below you will discover some of the delicacies that await you at the Tea Room.

For our selection of teas we have chosen to share with you the creations of the Comptoir Français du thé, that you can also find at the shop of the Museum after your gourmet gateway.

The tea room's Chocolate and pistachio dishes

Pastries et Delicacies

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    • Pastries of the day...
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a cup of hot chocolate covered with whipped cream

Hot chocolate

  • Hot chocolate
    • A l'ancienne
    • Nature
    • Sri Lanka
    • Between Lisbon and Beijing
    • Madagascar
    • Cayenne
    • Gourmet
    • Milk chocolate
Cup and tea bag

Tea and coffee

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    • Green teas : Le jardin, mint tea...
    • Black teas : Earl Grey...
    • Flavored teas : Thé des Amoureux, Kama Sutra...
  • Coffee
    • The orient expresso
    • Real gentle brew coffee method
    • Decaf

Discover the Tea Room specials

The gourmet

1 hot drink
1 delicacy of your choice



1 hot drink
1 pastry


Pralin snack (for children)

Flavored water / hot chocolate
Cookies / chocolate Mousse


Group discount

Gourmet Snack

One hot drink
one Brownie

For 5.50 €/pers in addition to the visit

Make a reservation

Opening hours

You can enjoy the tea room during afternoon opening hours of the Museum') from 2pm to 5pm, from Tuesday to Sunday (excluding unscheduled closure).

Access to the restaurant is separate from the visit of the Museum.

Pets are not allowed