The Secrets of Chocolate

A unique and gourmet tour takes you from the origins of chocolate to how it's made. Unravel the mysteries of cocoa and discover how to go from the bean to chocolate moldings while you learn how to taste the different chocolates.

A museum in Alsace

A museum in Alsace

Alsace, known for being a reputable gastronomic region, is more discrete when it comes to chocolate.

And yet, it is the first chocolate exporting region of France!

Chocolate makers and confectioners represent more than 21% of the food industry's workforce, the very prestigious Alsatian wine and soft drinks industry falling behind (with 19%).

This can be explained by the geographical position of the Strasbourg harbor (second most important in France and along the Rhine river), the access to raw material and beet sugar.

The energy required to power the machines was produced by a hydroelectric plant using the current of the Ill river that circles around the center of Strasbourg.

In addition it is worth mentioning neighbor markets with consumers like Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

History provides more explanations about our presence since 1871 following the Franco-Prussian war. It has led to found the chocolate factory in the heart of Strasbourg in order to continue selling in Alsace (that had become German territory) and across the Rhine.

The chocolate road

The chocolate road and the delicacies of Alsace

The chocolate museum is today's starting point of the Alsatian chocolate road.

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The Chocolate Way

This Alsatian road is itself a part of "The Chocolate Way", a European network for the promotion and interpretation of chocolate through different cultures and knowhow of high quality chocolate.

The Chocolate Way

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