The Museum or Chocolate Secrets

The chocolate museum
The chocolate museum
Designed as a veritable palace of discoveries, the Chocolate Museum consists of various thematic areas: a conference room, a museum, a demonstration workshop , a tea room and a shop dedicated to the world of chocolate.

Introducing the Visit, the museum entrance is a small paved courtyard surrounded by magnificent windows, that renders the atmosphere of "Île de France" (Paris area) : you can admire the facade of the shop "Marquise de Sevigne", place de la Madeleine in Paris and a replica of the original factory, located in Royat, near Clermont-Ferrand.

The conference room
The conference room

In troducing the museum visit, you will see a film about cocoa and chocolate, in the conference room.
The conference room can also be used as a meeting place for the public, during events on chocolate theme : conferences, introduction to wine tasting, seminars ...

Chocolat Secrets tour

The tour takes you first through the history of cocoa beans from the Aztecs to their arrival at the Spanish court.
Then you'll learn the processing of beans into chocolate and continue your journey into the industrial age.
Finally, you'll meet the Marquise de Sevigne and discover the link between this famous french letter writer and chocolate.

Time travel

Incas presenting chocolate
Cocoa throughout the ages and civilisations, from its origins in South America, its huge popularity with the aristocracy in the 18th century up to its present-day importance in world trade).
Follow the fascinating story of chocolate told in animated scenes.

From cocoa to chocolate

The wonderful story of a transformation or how the cocoa bean becomes chocolate (a sensorial encounter in which the visitor is plunged by a machine into the heart of the chocolate-making process).

machine pour écraser les fèves de cacao
A thrilling experience for children and grown-ups.

A brand's rise to fame

Created in 1898, the Marquise de Sévigné brand is now an ambassador for chocolate throughout the world.
Its distinctive types of chocolate beguile the palate and help transmit its high-quality know-how.

chocolate-maker worshop
The demonstation laboratory

A professional chocolate-maker will show you the art of chocolate-making, answer your questions and exchange views.